Information and Forms

If you want to appeal the City Arborist's decision on a tree(s), you must submit the proper paperwork by the deadline date.  Download the Tree Appeal Procedure and Tree Appeal Form or contact Kathryn Evans at 404-330-6235 at the City Arborist Office to have the tree appeal package faxed to you.  (The City Arborist Office can also give you the appeal deadline date if you are unable to obtain it from a posting sign.)

Also obtain from the City Arborist Office:

  1. The permit # from City Arborist for the site under appeal.
  2. Copy of site plans approved by city arborist.
  3. Copy of  the arborist’s preliminary approval.
  4. Copy of any supporting documentation about the health of the trees.

Use the official Tree Appeal Form when submitting your appeal and make sure to deliver the form and $75 fee by the deadline indicated on the posting sign.  Given that the window of time to submit an appeal is very short, we highly recommend that you either deliver the appeal form in person or contact Kathryn Evans (404-330-6235) and tell her that you will be faxing the form directly to her (at 404-658-6977) and then immediately send in the $75 check.

All appeal forms should be delivered to:

Kathryn Evans
Administrative Assistant, Sr.
Arborist Division, Office of Buildings
55 Trinity Avenue, Suite 3800
Atlanta, Georgia 30303-0309

The appeals process can seem overwheming if you have never filed an appeal before.  Do not feel that you have to go it alone!  The Tree Next Door has volunteers who have been through the appeals process more than once and will be happy to assist you.  (However, TTND cannot file appeals on your behalf.)  Please don't hesitate to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you need help.  We will respond within 24 hours to all requests for help with an appeal.  If your appeal deadline is within 48 hours, we will respond the same day!

A flow chart of the appeals process can be found here.

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