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Join us in advocating for the trees in your neighborhood!
Please check out what volunteer needs we have and email us at for more information on how to get involved.

About Our Name

We call ourselves “The Tree Next Door” because we have found that people are most concerned about the tree next door to them that is marked to be cut down, not a tree on the other side of town which they never see. Because community concern tends to be strongest at the neighborhood level, it's important to have advocates all over the city who speak up for the trees where they live.

fall tree through window

latest news flash


Tree Ordinance Rewrite Update

  • Is City Planning Listening to the People?

    City Planning recently updated their website with a 
    summary of the feedback they claim to have received from the community on the Tree Ordinance Rewrite Draft Outline they presented in June.  It appears that City Planning has either completely misinterpreted or failed to understand the degree of opposition towards eliminating the posting and appeals process and allowing one non-high value tree to be cut on a property each year for non-construction purposes.  A comparison of what the City and The Tree Next Door heard can be found here.
  • Time Table Pushed Back Again

    The time table for the tree ordinance rewrite has been pushed back again.  Now the first draft of the tree ordinance rewrite won't be ready for public review until as late as November with a second draft ready sometime in December 2019.  Click the chart below to see the expanded view.

august schedule update


  • August 22, 2019 - City Council Work Session

    A work session for City Council members took place on Thursday, August 22.  Planning Commissioner Tim Keane gave a slide show presentation outlining the current status of the project and the Council members present all expressed significant disappointment that there was no first draft ready yet.  Council member Natalyn Archibong pressed Tim Keane to commit to having a first draft for City Council to review in November "before Thanksgiving", and Keane agreed.  A video link to the meeting can be found here.
  • First Look At Numbers from Accela Permitting Database

    At the City Council Work Session on August 22, Tim Keane presented some 
    high level numbers from Accela, the City's permitting database, on the tree removals that have occurred on private property over the past six years.  The numbers look a bit low to us given the number of trees that have been removed on just the properties in which TTND has been engaged.  



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Petition Update

Victory! Fulton County Modifies
Ponce de Leon Library Design

Kay Stephenson
Atlanta, GA

SEP 6, 2019 -- We are delighted to report that after several meetings between community members and Fulton County officials a revised plan has been submitted that preserves our beloved Oaks. Please click on the official statement below from Fulton County for more details. 

fulton country ponce de leon news release

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