2018 Tree News

"Buckhead Coalition And Trees Atlanta Combat Tree Canopy Loss With Free Trees." Buckhead, 9 Dec. 2018

"Saying Good-bye to a Grand Old Tree." SaportaReport, 26 Nov. 2018

"Concrete Jungle: Nonprofit Picks Fruit from Urban Trees for the Needy." Atlanta Intown, 18 Oct. 2018

"If Your Neighbor's Tree Falls in Your Yard, Who Pays for Cleanup?Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 10 Oct. 2018

"Oakland Cemetery Launches $1 Million Campaign to Protect Shrinking Tree Canopy." SaportaReport, 6 Sept. 2018

"Torpy at Large: What's Really at Fault in the Assault on Atlanta Trees." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 23 July 2018

"Buckhead Neighbors Protest Return of Tree-cutting Parking Lot Plan." Reporter Newspapers, 20 July 2018

"Beltline Scraps Sale of Land for Big Project at Piedmont Park." Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 6 July 2018

"Residents Sue over Bobby Jones Golf Course Work, Say City Rules Apply." Reporter Newspapers, 23 June 2018

"Neighbors Of Bobby Jones Golf Course Sue Its Developer.90.1 FM WABE, 5 June 2018

"Recent Study Finds Urban Tree Loss As National Issue." The Signal, 2 June 2018

"Amid Building Boom, Atlanta's Tree-killing Ways Take a National Stage.Curbed Atlanta, 16 May 2018

"Atlanta's Building Boom Is Destroying Its Famous Forests.The Daily Beast, 16 May 2018

"Greed is Not Green.Georgia Grassroots Video, 13 May 2018

"Golf Course, Environmental Group Seek Compromise on Construction." Reporter Newspapers, 12 May 2018

"Study On Urban Tree Loss Puts Georgia At Top Of List." 90.1 FM WABE, 10 May 2018

"New Controversy Emerges over Bobby Jones Golf Course Redevelopment." SaportaReport, 7 May 2018

"Pine Hills Residents Fear Townhomes Would Worsen Flooding." Reporter Newspapers, 27 Apr. 2018

"Torpy at Large: Timber! Tree canopy disappears one huge home at a time.Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 30 March 2018

"Atlanta's Tree Canopy May Not Have Shrunk, but It's at Risk." The Atlanta Loop, 20 Mar. 2018

"The Tree Massacre at the Bobby Jones Golf Course a Blow to Atlanta." SaportaReport, 12 Mar. 2018

"APS Seeks to Cut Down Dozens of Healthy Trees for Howard Middle School Project." SaportaReport, 26 Feb. 2018

"Struggle over East Atlanta Development Heads to Council Committee.SaportaReport, 16 Feb. 2018

"Proposed Project on Fragile BeltLine Site at Monroe and 10th Raises Concerns." SaportaReport, 29 January 2018

"Bobby Jones Golf Course Tree Removal Concerns Residents." Reporter Newspapers, 3 Jan. 2018

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