Other Resources

Atlanta Tree Conservation Commission. (404-330-6235)  The Tree Conservation Commission is a citizen board, appointed by the Mayor and City Council Members of the City of Atlanta to assist in the protection, maintenance, and regeneration of the trees and other forest resources of Atlanta.   This website, launched in 2010, provides information on tree removal permits, appeals and postings, the tree ordinance and other resources about maintaining our urban forest.

Trees Atlanta (404-522-4097). This organization is dedicated to conserving and planting trees in the metropolitan Atlanta environment. It is responsible for planting thousands of mature trees. Find links here to the city's tree ordinance, the names and phone numbers of municipal arborists that have jurisdiction in your area, and a lot more information about trees.

City of Atlanta-GIS.  A very helpful site for obtaining maps to just about anything in Atlanta: property information, zoning information, City Council, NPU, zip code and neighborhood boundaries plus an interactive map for you to overlay several map features at the same time.

Arbor Day Foundation. "Inspiring people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees." The Arbor Day Foundation sponsors "Tree City USA" & international reforestation efforts. Their website features a "tree benefits calculator" that allows you to determine energy savings and other benefits that planting a particular species would bring. The site also has pictoral  tree identification guides.

Georgia Arborist Association (GAA). An organization that brings together "tree professionals and enthusiasts for the betterment and protection of Georgia's trees". The GAA sponsors educational workshops and events that benefit Georgia's trees.

Georgia Urban Forest Council. This is a local (Decatur headquarters) organization that sponsors workshops on tree risk assessment and on the benefits of trees to Georgia communities.

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). The ISA is the largest professional organization for the tree care industry, and the certifying organization for professional arborists. Here you can find ISA-certified arborists near you or use the "Verify Certification" link to determine the certification status of an arborist you have found. The site also provides valuable information abour trees and tree care.

Urban Heat Island Effect. This is a link to a NASA website that briefly explains the "urban heat island effect" that results from the concrete and asphalt that dominates an urban landscape.

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