Magic Kingdom Comes to City Hall

Click here for the full report: The City of Pretend

atlanta-city-hallDon't worry about the cost of filling up the car to take a trip to Disney World for Spring Break this year.  The Magic Kingdom has come to Atlanta, building a replica of Cinderella's castle at 55 Trinity Avenue.  Peek inside the castle to catch a glimpse of the dwarf, "Happy", no longer toiling as a hard-working miner, but merrily going about his job trying to make sure that no one in the Kingdom is ever sad, especially the people who break the law.  And look, there's "Sleepy", doing the bare minimum to get by.  No ambition at all there, it appears!  But the boss, "Doc", doesn't seem to mind.  After all, he's been very busy sprinkling fairy dust in his newly created job as Assistant to the Director, Office of Buildings. And, with no "Grumpy" around to insist that the dwarfs actually do their jobs -- and Doc's position having sat vacant for months -- there is no singing of "Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho! It's home from work we go!" when the tower bell chimes at the end of each day.

Instead, you can hear the small voices inside the castle, softly chanting:

"Why work, when you can just pretend to work?
Why manage when you can just pretend to manage?
Why supervise when you can just pretend to supervise?"

So, it doesn't rhyme, but what difference does that make?  Nothing has to make sense in the Land of Let's Pretend. Even the City's Law Department is part of the Grand Waltz in the castle ballroom, where everyone is constantly spinning, but not much is getting done.

After five months of waiting, Jeffrey B. Norman, the City of Atlanta's Compliance Manager, has delivered to The Tree Next Door the results of his investigation of arborists Stan Domengeaux and Michael Franklin.  The City's investigative report can be found here, along with our rebuttal, plus a letter to COO Peter Aman , insisting that he personally see to it that an actual investigation occurs, not just a mere "conversation with the very people whose veracity is in question."

Remember, this is pretend.  This is not real.

All you have to do is BELIEVE.

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